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I'm JP Seral.

I'm interested in marketing, technology, and all things crazy on the Internet. This site is where I share my thoughts on these topics + other random musings.

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This Week in Content - January 17th, 2022

Hi everyone - Here's the latest post about the content that has caught my attention and is worth sharing/discussing. Interesting Reads Web3 Hype? Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3O’Reilly MediaTim O’Reilly []It's easy to get caught up

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How No-Code Mindset Creates Career Leverage

I read Erik Torenberg's blog post about building personal moats for one's career and found it incredibly insightful as to how no-code currently operates. Build Personal MoatsMy favorite career adviceErik Torenberg's ThoughtsErik Torenberg []Here are a few tips on breaking out in your career

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Interesting Finds - August 16

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are four pieces of content I found worth sharing > Each edition of this NFT covers one Afghan family’s emergency needs for a month. If you can't help financially, please consider a RT. ↓ [] — @jackbutcher (@jackbutcher) August