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JP Seral

I'm JP Seral.

I am a marketer interested in business, technology, and Internet culture.

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This Week in Content - January 17th, 2022

Hi everyone - Here's the latest post about the content that has caught my attention and is worth sharing/discussing. Interesting ReadsWeb3 Hype?Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3O’Reilly MediaTim O’ReillyIt's easy to get caught up in the bubble where it is hard to

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Cool Content - Cyber Monday Edition

Trying out a new format - one curated piece of contented by medium (image/article/tweet/song/video/etc.) NFT Projects are just MLMs for Tech ElitesA somewhat impartial review of current NFT business modelsNapkin MathEvan Armstrongif you love something set it free — Packy McCormick

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Interesting Finds - 10/27/21

Company of the weekSpotify $SPOT 3Q21 Earnings 💪🏻 - MAU 381m +19% ↗️ - Prem Subs 172m +19% ↗️ - Ad MAUs 220m +19% ↗️ - Rev €2.5b +27% ↗️ - Prem Rev €2.2b +22% ↗️ - Ad Rev €323m +75% 🚀 — Eugene Ng (@EugeneNg_VCap) October 27, 2021 Crypto/