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About JP

Me 👋🏼

Hi, I'm JP Seral.

I'm a former Midwesterner living in Atlanta, a golfer & coffee lover, and into all things marketing, web3, and technology.

Work 💼

I am an Account Director at Global Savings Group, focusing on building the next great shopping rewards company.

Feel free to check out my Resume

I'm a marketer at heart (and near-miss HR professional), passionate about making positive brand experiences for people. Previously I've worked at various companies, from high-growth startups (BLiNQ Media, CloudTags) to big companies (GE, Baker Hughes). While each opportunity has been very different than the last, one common theme remains: finding ways to achieve business objectives in the simplest way possible.

What is the purpose of this site?

For at least a decade, I've had random blogs that were incomplete and full of half-baked tweets. But they've all been disjointed efforts. I've wanted to collect everything I'm interested in into one website.