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Don't Trust - Check.

JP Seral
JP Seral
2 min read
Don't Trust - Check.

What I'm Fascinated By: #ChecksVV

As a fan of Jack Butcher's for the past few years, watching him grow his audience and build in public has been incredible to watch and see his rise as an artist grow. With his latest project, Checks Edition, he's masterfully bridged the gap by creating an open edition mint that allowed over 16,000 to participate and creating one of the most important NFT projects that met the current state of Internet culture.

There will not be the last you will hear about this project and think there are many incredible use cases for this project in the future. From my own perspective, this is the best example of where an NFT ≠ an image.

VV Checks — Intro
This intro may or may not be notable.
Culture is the currency and NFTs capture the value
This project perfectly showcases how NFTs allow memes to capture and hold value.

What I'm Watching

Even with all of the praise I just talked about before this, the NIA guys did a great deep dive on when to quit and when to keep going on a project. Incredibly worth the time to set aside to watch.

What I'm Listening

Coming back from attending a wedding, this was the perfect getting ready playlist.