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How No-Code Mindset Creates Career Leverage

JP Seral
JP Seral
2 min read

I read Erik Torenberg's blog post about building personal moats for one's career and found it incredibly insightful as to how no-code currently operates.

Build Personal Moats
My favorite career advice

Here are a few tips on breaking out in your career by using no-code tools:

Become Great at One Thing and Be Good at a Lot of Things

Start with a strong base of what you want to be known for in your career that is unique to you (industry, skillset, personal attributes) and triple down on that as it is your strongest asset that you can rely on consistently.

Building In Public is the Open Source Way to Grow Your Career

As your career progresses, you have to present to your boss, executives, and many different stakeholders. And frankly, that level of face-time has diminished significantly and does not have the same aura as being on a Zoom call from home. Building in public is the ultimate way to grow your career as you get to curate and talk to the people that matter the most to you and are able to make connections to others that would not have been possible. The serendipity effect from Twitter alone can accelerate your career than five years of grinding at your current job.

Find the key building blocks in your niche and reverse engineer no-code solutions to the biggest issues.

No-Code is the perfect way to differentiate oneself in an industry by solving real problems, building and launching a minimum viable product, and iterating to capture a legitimate market of customers.

I've seen this firsthand during ODNC2 that some multiple functions/verticals have not gotten a lot of love from a technology adoption standpoint (from  Finance/HR teams to pinball operators) due to neglect or lack of time/investment spent to make it better.

Who are the no-code leaders in your industry? Let me know on Twitter.