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Shipping my first "dumb" app

JP Seral
JP Seral
2 min read
Shipping my first "dumb" app
Photo by Bench Accounting / Unsplash

Hello everyone - Know it's been a hectic two weeks, but I know I am a bit behind on publishing here. With that said, I am immersing myself in On Deck No-Code and have learned and grown a ton in a short amount of time. KP challenged the group to ship one "dumb" app - an app with limited functionality, built on a no-code platform (Softr, Rows, or Xano).

My biggest frustration early on was not having any ideas that I thought were worthwhile to work on. After days of wrangling my brain, I realized that the problem was a viable solution.

Introducing Problem Hunt

Problem Hunt - My first "dumb" app

Built with Softr & Airtable

I was able to ship v1 last week and frankly did feel a bit embarrassed with how much I thought needed to be done (which is a good indicator).

Here is what the MVP is supposed to do for users:

  1. Allow people to submit their own problems to determine if there is a true need to solve their problems.
  2. Give people an opportunity to explore and upvote problems that they believe are issues in their own lives.

Items to think about (my own and sourced from the ODNC2 community:

  1. The point of hitting a critical mass of content of Q&A’s on the site (huge SEO benefit à la Quora)
  2. An opportunity for the I’d pay X for this (a Zaarly for not immediate local requests). If a solution exists, people will link to it. If not, it validates the problem, and people will create solutions.
  3. A paradigm focus on ideas to real problems - a reason why most people don't succeed. Validation is needed.

I would love to hear your feedback on what else could/should be added to build Problem Hunt out! Email me or book some time here.